The ROAR website will be most helpful for you if you view each page. The pages have information and interactive features to help you understand more about eating and body concerns, get a better sense of the impact of these problems on you, and find out where and from whom to seek help. The website pages will also provide tips on how to seek help in a way that you can feel comfortable, so that you can get the treatment that fits best for you.

The “I Need a Report” page will ask you questions about your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. If you complete these questions, ROAR will provide you with a personalised summary of your responses, and a separate report that can be printed and shown to health professionals when you seek help. Often people find it hard to talk to others about what they are going through. People may even be uncomfortable or ashamed about how they feel, or about their eating and body concern behaviours.

The report is a really useful tool to open up conversations to make sure that health professionals understand what you are going through and know that it is vital to take your concerns seriously.

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